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Lisa offers VIRTUAL consulting services to help you organize the space in your business or home office, inbox, calendar, and brain, so you can get help right now!


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Productivity Consultant - Certified Professional Organizer®

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or team leader who …

  • Has difficulty managing time to get it all done and is exhausted more often than not?
  • Sees that you — or your team — can’t get to the “high-impact want” projects because you spend all your time juggling the “must do” projects?
  • Feels overwhelmed and like you’re spinning your wheels with little to show?
  • Thinks your systems (digital or paper) are trying to take over instead of make your life easier? (Example: frantically searching through paper or digital files to find key info when a client calls.)
  • Finds disorganization is negatively affecting quality of work, or has begun to cost too much time, money, and even clients?
  • Has an office (business or home) which you no longer want to walk into?
  • Has very busy — and stressed — employees who seem to be struggling to meet their goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to take back control — and I will teach you how. Work with me and I’ll help you …

  • Identify the “hot spot(s)” — what exactly is causing problems — and come up with a solution(s) that works best for you and/or your organization.
  • Establish realistic — and achievable — priorities and goals.
  • Organize and get control of your paper and digital files, physical office space, and systems so they work for you the way you need them to.
  • Find more time to focus on the projects and activities you want to do, not just need to do.
  • Receive the training needed to improve your leadership skills and get employees overall be more productive and effective.

With my guidance, you can regain control and once again approach your office and projects with peace of mind because you know nothing is falling through the cracks. As a boutique service, you are hiring ME and I’m bringing all my expertise and years of experience to solve your problem.

Professional Business Organizer | Speaker | Productivity and Time Management Consultant

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