Because I don’t believe in cookie-cutter problem solving

Custom Solutions

Whether you’re a small business that is experiencing a growth explosion or a corporate leader whose team is struggling, I’m all about finding a solution that solves your problem and saves you space, time, energy, and money.

What’s Your “Hot Spot”?

I focus on getting to the root of what you want and need. I’ll dive in, ask questions, listen, observe, and figure out what your true hot spot issue is — whether it’s just one or multiple issues that need addressing.

How to Work with Me

There are a number of ways in which you can work with me, from speaking to your organization, training your entire team — or one key individual, or one-on-one consulting (in-person or virtual.)


Productivity Solutions Services

Professional Business Organizer Productivity Consultant and Speaker for business events or team training sessions.


Need a dynamic and effective speaker for your conference or organization? I provide engaging, content-filled presentations with topics like time management tips, managing email, reducing paper clutter, and more.

Griffith Productivity Solutions Services - speaking - training - consulting


I train you and/or your team how to better prioritize, create effective systems, and eliminate clutter — digital, physical, and mental — to increase efficiency and productivity.

Griffith Productivity Solutions Services - Organizing - Consulting

Organizing & Productivity Consulting

Whether we work in-person or virtually, my consulting services will get you organized, improve your time management, and increase productivity all while helping decrease stress and overwhelm.

Satisfied Client
Lisa is an asset to professionals! She gets things done and knows how to motivate and guide you through the process of getting things in order. I’ve learned a lot and have applied techniques to continually improve the functionality of my home and office.”