Lisa Griffith | Griffith Productivity Solutions

Dial Down the Distractions

One of the biggest impediments to improved productivity is dealing with distractions. Distractions come in many shapes and sizes, but are most commonly digital these days, as in the chime of an incoming text, the chirp of an arriving email, the shrill ringtone of a phone call. In our pre-pandemic business world, many people needed


What’s Your Legacy?

I often begin my presentations on time management by asking the attendees, “What’s your legacy? What would you like to be known for, both today and after you’re gone?” It’s a question that’s designed to provoke thought about what our priorities are with regard to how we spend our time and how we display them


Thinking Outside the Box

Many of us spent the last year and a half decluttering our homes, paring down the amount of stuff in our spaces, and experiencing the joy and pleasure of living in an uncluttered environment. Less stuff to manage means more time for…anything better! As you shop for your holiday gifts for friends and family this