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OHIO: The State of Keeping Up

I’m betting that most of you have heard of the “OHIO” system for handling paper, email, and other tasks. Many advocate the “Only Handle It Once” system, particularly for paper piles. I’ve been asked multiple times at presentations about my opinion on the subject, and does it really work? My answer is yes. Aaaaand…no. It


An Attitude of Gratitude

Every year around this time, I’m reminded of how blessed my family and I have been to have a comfortable home filled with love, affection, kindness, good health, and yes, probably more material things than we need. I think that in the world of organizing and decluttering, we can get so caught up in letting


Is Minimalism Realistic, or the Impossible Dream?, pt. 1 – Physical Clutter

Between “minimalism,” “sparking joy,” and “the magic of tidying up,” the organizing and productivity world is full of buzzwords these days. Of all of them, I think minimalism is the victim of many negative misperceptions. When folks conjure up minimalistic spaces, they see sterile and impersonal homes and offices. The process evokes feelings of extreme