Create a Clean and Organized Home – Starting with Those Paper Piles!

It’s easy for homes to become disorganized and full of clutter. Whether you have numerous belongings or always seem to accumulate more, it’s easy for it to become unmanageable. If so, consider incorporating structure into your cleaning routine. Creating simple habits will help you avoid the clutter and mess that always seems to accumulate at home. Once you begin practicing these new habits, you’ll notice how much easier it is to create a clean and organized home. I was recently featured in Redfin’s article on the subject, and wrote some tips on how to keep those paper piles under control. If you find your home office, kitchen counter, or dining room table have become overwhelmed with paper, check out my tips below (and lots of others for keeping your home clutter-free!)

Read the full article here: Create a Clean and Organized Home with These 22 Tips | Redfin

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Lisa Griffith is a speaker and consultant who provides services, both on-site and virtually, to help busy professionals organize their offices, systems and calendars. In addition to business and home office organizing, productivity and time management coaching, she provides workshops & seminars for business and community groups.