Let’s Be Real – Resolutions Are So Yesterday! 5 Books for the Long Haul

How are those new years’ resolutions going?
Still holding strong?
Or are you too sore, too hungry, or too frustrated to continue?
Or did you just not bother to begin with?

The change in the calendar year brings a spirit of renewal to many, but it can be short-lived. If you need some inspiration to keep going, to start, or to finish strong, one of these books may serve as just the inspiration you need!


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Atomic Habits, by James Clear.
One of my favorite books for improving productivity and implementing lasting change in your life. Clear looks at habit formation – good and bad – and how we can influence what works and what doesn’t by making even the smallest of changes in mindset and environment.



Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, by Jon Acuff
If you have a bazillion projects started but just can’t seem to get to the finish line, check out Acuff’s book. He tackles the tough topic of perfectionism and how it leads to that productivity-killing issue – procrastination. He writes with a great deal of humor and offers down-to-earth, salient advice for getting stuff done!


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S.H.E.D. Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Julie Morgenstern
Morgenstern has authored several books on organization and time management that have inspired and motivated many. Her four-step method (SHED) walks you through how to get rid of physical and mental clutter to free up your mind, your time, and your space.


The Sweet Spot: How to Accomplish More By Doing Less, by Christine Carter
A great read for those who struggle with the whole “work-life balance” thing (boy, do I hate that term! Blog to come on why…)


Intuitive Eating, by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch
I know some of you are thinking, “hmmm…weird inclusion for a productivity and organizing blog!” But for any of you who have struggled with weight, diet, and the food Nazis in your life and in your brain, this book is a breath of fresh air and has been life-changing for me. Not a diet book – not even close – this book explores the myths behind dieting and body image and why we behave the way we do about food. It offers fresh insight for living and eating with freedom, breaking away from old mindsets about food, and seems like a perfect complement to the start of a new year!




The long haul starts now!

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